Early Hopi Morris Robinson Hand Stamped Cuff Silver Bracelet

  • Tribe: Hopi
  • Condition: Excellent condition with expected wear for its age meaning it is not perfect but close to it.
  • Size: HUGE!! 3-1/8" wide so Robinson realizing that the arm gets larger one end 5-3/4" from end to end enlarging to 6-1/8" on the other. There is an additional adjustable 1" opening
  • Artisan: Hallmarked with the personal mark of IMPORTANT HISTORICAL artist Morris Robinson and is the actual one pictured in the book American Indian Jewelry 2 M-Z (Schaff)
  • Materials: Hand Stamped Sterling Silver
  • Item Weight: WHOPPING 101 grams / 3.7 ounces
  • Hallmark:


Jewelry by Morris is EXTREMELY valuable and collectible! He is one of the most important and significant Hopi artist in history!! Morris Robinson was one of the earliest Hopi smiths and began making jewelry in 1924. He considered an innovator and pioneer incorporating art deco styling into his jewelry very early on. Quoting from American Indian Jewelry I by Gregory Schaff, "By 1929, Morris was recognized as an accomplished jeweler. He became perhaps the first Indian master goldsmith in the Southwest. He preceded Charles Loloma, Kenneth Begay and others."