Although the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni all started out creating the traditional turquoise and silver jewelry, traders like C.G. Wallace encouraged the Zuni to derive their inspiration elsewhere as to differentiate themselves from the Navajo silversmiths. The Zuni being more interested in materials such as shell, turquoise and coral took to lapidary work rather than silversmithing. Rather than waste the small pieces of turquoise that broke off during cutting, they actually used those pieces to create needlepoint turquoise bracelets and petite-point necklaces were born. Another type of Zuni jewelry that still to this day belongs almost exclusively to the Native American Zuni is mosaic inlay work which features cultural designs such as the Rainbowman and Knifewing just to name two. Again at the direction of trader C.G. Wallace the Zuni would make these sensational stone to stone inlay mosaic pieces to be put on silver bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. Below you can find and purchase a Vintage Zuni piece that speaks to you.
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    Lovely Vintage Zuni Native American Turquoise Inlay Silver Necklace
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    Vintage Zuni Triple Row Snake Eye Turquoise Silver Bracelet Native American
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    Vintage Zuni Andrew Emerson Quam Carved Bird Coral Fetish Necklace RARE
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    Zuni Bracelet DAN SIMPLICIO Natural Turquoise Silver
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    Dan Simplicio
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    Zuni Fetish Necklace Peter Dinah Gasper Three Strand Coral
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    Vintage Zuni Bolo Tie Derrick Nichelle Edaakie Multi-Stone Inlay Sterling Native American
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    Zuni Inlay Rainbowman Silver Bracelet C. G. Wallace
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    Vintage Zuni Bolo Tie Frank Vacit Native American
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    Zuni TWO Strand Turquoise Bird Bear Fetish Necklace
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    Bracelet John Gordon Leak Zuni Inlay Austin Wilson Navajo Silver
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    Zuni Virgil Shirley Benn Multi-Stone Inlay Apache Maiden Pin
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    Vintage Zuni Earrings Turquoise Inlay Sterling Silver 1940's
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    Vacit Zuni Pin Shell Turquoise Jet Silver Inlay Handmade 1950s
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    Zuni Bracelet Inlay Turquoise Silver Handmade 1940's