Navajo Bracelet Tom Hawk Sterling Silver Native American

  • Tribe: Navajo
  • Condition: No damage.
  • Size: 3/4" wide with an inside circumference of 5-1/4" end to end plus 1-3/8" opening
  • Artisan: Tom Hawk
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Item Weight: 44 Grams / over 1-5/8 Ounces
  • Hallmark: "TOM HAW" and "STERLING"


Navajo, Dine', artist Tom Hawk has made his reputation creating Native American handmade Sterling silver bracelets of this design. Of seemingly simple design, it takes great skill to precisely align thin silver wires on their sides, each running parallel to triangular wires along the edges of a bracelets shank. No one does this better than Tom Hawk.