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Recently Sold

  1. Vintage Navajo Heavy Ingot Silver Domed Natural Turquoise Bracelet
  2. Navajo Edison Cummings Bisbee Turquoise Bracelet Heavy Sterling Silver Iron-Wood
  3. Navajo Silver Bracelet Turquoise  Ingot with Hearts Buttons Fantastic
  4. Vintage Zuni THREE Strand Turquoise Shell Bird Fetish Necklace David Tsikewa
  5. Zuni Silver Pin Turquoise Jet Stone on Stone Inlay Rainbow Man
  6. New
    Vintage Zuni Inlay Sun God Face Bracelet Sterling Silver from Lynn Trusdell
  7. Wes Willie Navajo Turquoise Cobbled Inlay Sterling Silver Bolo Tie
  8. Early Hopi Morris Robinson Hand Stamped Cuff Silver Bracelet
  9. Pueblo or Hopi Turquoise Ingot Silver Ring Raincloud