Vintage Hopi Overlay Necklace Sterling Silver Bernard Dawahoya Native American

  • Tribe: Hopi
  • Condition: Excellent Condition with NO damage and Chain built in
  • Size: Pendant 2-1/2" Round Chain:20" long
  • Artisan: Attributed to Bernard Dawahoya
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Item Weight: 88 Grams / over 3-1/8 Ounces
  • Hallmark: By Design


This vintage Native American handmade Sterling silver Hopi overlay pendant and handmade link chain has been attributed to Bernard Dawahoya. The large 2-1/2" round pendant is double sided. One side features two Kokopeli calling forth new growth with the help of a rain cloud and life giving rain. The reverse combines Hopi iconography representing the wind and lightening. The imagery, size, and shape of this pendant was a match for another that we saw in the possesion of a collector. It showed Dawahoya's maker's mark. Thus our attribution. Dawahoya employed a loop of silver to connect this awesome 1/4" inch thick pendant to a silver hook. The hook in turn is attached to a handmade 20" long chain secured by a handmade hook. BERNARD DAWAHOYA (HOPI PUEBLO: 1937 -- 2011.) had long been recognized as a master silversmith creating jewelry that consisted of bold and crisp Hopi designs, heavy weight silver and precise matting (texturing) that he etched into the negative spaces of his pieces. He developed the design elements he used on his jewelry over many years; they are symbolic of Hopi beliefs, history, and culture. Many examples of his work can be viewed in museums across the Country and in numerous books. He was considered an innovator and teacher to the younger silversmiths learning their craft. Dawahoya opened his own silversmith shop in 1966. He was declared an Arizona State Living Treasure in 1989 and is a Multiple Award Winner. Dawahoya's earliest mark, a hand-struck Snow Cloud, consists of three long lines under a diamond and two triangles.