Vintage Navajo Bracelet 40's UITA 31 NAT Persian Turquoise Sterling Silver


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  • Tribe: Navajo
  • Condition: Excellent condition with visible wear and only 1 cracked stone that poses no threat to the integrity or beauty of the piece.
  • Size: 1-5/8" Wide; Inside of 5-5/8" end-end plus a 1-1/8" Opening.
  • Artisan: UITA31 Master Silversmith
  • Materials: Natural Persian Turquoise and Sterling Silver.
  • Item Weight: 88 Grams / over 3-1/4 Ounces
  • Hallmark: UITA 31

This vintage Native American handmade turquoise and silver cluster bracelet by a Navajo (Diné) master craftsman for UITA 31. Twenty-one gorgeous Natural blue turquoise stones form a dazzling cluster and are embellished by twisted and spiral wire and silver drops. Two braided and two round silver wires are joined at the terminals by silver tabs to form the shank. UITA, or the United Indian Traders Association, was founded in 1931 with express purpose of authentication of Indian crafts. This group of Forty leading Native American Arts dealers began applying the "UITA" mark to Native American jewelry in 1946 after the IACB, or the Indian Arts and Crafts Board of the US Department of the Interior, ended its program of applying marks to authentic, high quality, Native American made silver jewelry in 1943. This piece is marked "UITA 31". Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the building holding UITA's records, so we may never know which trader stamped this mark. However, it guarantees the authenticity of this piece and places it firmly in the historic record. This bracelet is a Must Have for collector of historic Native American Arts and lover of beautiful turquoise.