Vntg Zuni Bracelet Lone Mountain Turquoise Sterling Silver Robert Bernice Leekya


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Wow, this vintage Native American handmade Natural Lone Mountain Turquoise and Sterling Silver bracelet was hand made by Zuni Pueblo artists Robert and Bernice Leekya in the 1940's. "You cannot get turquoise like this anymore" according to Robert Leekya whom we met on a recent trip to Zuni Pueblo, NM. Robert invited us back to his shop and we were lucky enough to spend the afternoon with him and his wife Bernice (see the photo). According to them, this bracelet was produced in the 1940's before they promised their neice, Alice Quam, that would stop making bracelets using the design that would make her so famous. The Leekya's hand cut, shaped, and polished FIFTY-THREE turquoise stones in the making of this truly STUNNING Flower Head Cluster bracelet. Numerous silver drops and twisted silver wire completes the design. Silver tabs draw together and secure three half-round silver wire form the shank. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE TO ADD A BRACELET OF QUALITY TO YOUR COLLECTION OF FINE NATIVE AMERICAN JEWELRY!!!