Zuni Hand Carved Fetish Koala Bear Enrike Leekya 2-3/4" Tall Zuni Rock

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 Zuni Fetish Hand Carved Zuni Rock Koala Bear Enrike Leekya 2-3/4" Tall

This large (2-3/4"" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/2") Native American handmade Zuni Rock, cedar, and turquoise koala bear fetish was hand carved by Zuni Pueblo artist Enrike (pronounced "N RICK") Leekya. It is marked "EL" and weighs 137 Grams / over 4-3/4 Ounces.

The gentle koala bear creates an incredibly strong bond with its offspring. Its turquoise eyes and nose give a glimpse into its spirit. Its turquoise tipped staff adds to its wisdom.

This fetish will lend its power to its owner. Turquoise is also held to be sacred and represents the power of the sky. Remember that each time this fetish performs its function it will grow in power. It will never fail a person with good intentions who is true of heart. Providing a comfortable home for and making small offerings of food to your new fetish will also increase their power. A certificate of authenticity is included.

Enrike Leekya is the Great Grandson of famed Zuni carver Leekya Deyuse. His work is highly collectible. As with most members of his family, whimsy plays a huge part in their artistic expression. Look for his pieces to have an element of fun. Zuni Rock is only found in a secret location on Zuni known only to the Leekya family.