Early Zuni Snake Eye Turquoise Row Bracelet INGOT Silver Vintage

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Early Zuni Row Bracelet Snake Eye Turquoise INGOT Silver Native American

  • Tribe: Zuni
  • Condition: Excellent condition with appropriate wear. NO damage to the turquoise or the silver.
  • Size: Just over 1" Wide 5-5/8" inside circumference end-to-end plus a 1-1/8" opening
  • Artisan: Zuni Master Craftsman
  • Materials: Natural Green and Blue Turquoise and Sterling Silver
  • Item Weight: 49 Grams / over 1-5/8 Ounces
  • Hallmark: Unmarked as is appropriate for a piece of this vintage.
  • Date:  1930's

This excellent vintage triple row snake eye Natural turquoise and Sterling silver bracelet was created by a Zuni master lapidary and silver smith. BE SURE TO LOOK AT THE EARLY STAMPWORK CLOSE UP! This is one of the earliest examples of this style that I have ever seen! This Zuni lapidary (stone worker) painstakingly cut, shaped and polished at least THIRTY-NINE individual pieces of turquoise. Imagine the concentration of time and effort taken by the artist as they ground down these tiny pieces attached to the end of a stick on a fast spinning stone. HOW DID THEY DO IT? It is beyond my comprehension! The shank is formed by three half round silver wires joined at the terminals by silver tabs. Each is decorated by delicate and precise hand stamping. Silver drops align with individual turquoise stones inside and out decorating and strengthening this most excellent bracelet. OFTEN COPIED, BUT RARELY MATCHED IN QUALITY AND DESIGN, make this signature Zuni bracelet a great addition to your collection of fine Native American jewelry.