Vintage US Navajo 2 Bracelet Sterling Silver Natural Turquoise Native American

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  • Tribe: Navajo
  • Condition: There is a repair on that had a negative affect on the stamp work on one side.
  • Size: 7/8" wide 5-1/8" inside circumference end to end plus 1" opening
  • Artisan: Navajo Artist working for C. G. Wallace
  • Materials: Natural Green Turquoise and Sterling Silver
  • Item Weight: 20 Grams / over 3/4 Ounce
  • Hallmark: Hallmarked "U.S.NAVAJO 2"

This EXTREMELY RARE vintage Native American handmade Sterling silver and natural Green turquoise bracelet was created by a Navajo, Dine', master jeweler for Famed Zuni Trader C. G. Wallace. This bracelet is stamped U.S. NAVAJO 2. The United States Bureau of Indian Affairs under the Department of the Interior attempted to encourage and protect the production high quality Native American handmade jewelry with an identification program beginning in 1938 and quietly ending in 1943. Many of the important Indian Trading Posts and the Indian Schools were given hallmarks which were applied to individual pieces of jewelry. U.S. Navajo 2 and U.S. ZUNI 1 were assigned to the trading post of C. G. Wallace. These hallmarks guaranteed that a piece of jewelry was handmade and hand polished. And, that, the stones were hand cut and polished. It also guaranteed that the piece was made wholly by a Navajo, Dine' craftsman. The split shank is deeply and precisely hand stamped. Two silver tabs decorated with a chiseled sunburst design and two rows of silver drops flank a Natural Green Turquoise stone. This bracelet, which is from our personal collection, truly gives you a chance to own a piece of history. Do not miss out.