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Hand Carved Fetishes

  1. Zuni Lance Cheama Panther Fetish ON THE HUNT Wildhorse Agate 4-3/4”
  2. Sale
    Zuni Fetish Necklace Peter Dinah Gasper Three Strand Coral
  3. Zuni Priest Fetish Hand Carved Claudia Peina Antler Turquoise FIRST EVER
  4. Zuni Mountain Lion Fetish Hand Carved Onyx Turquoise Jet Mike Mahooty 5”+ Long
  5. Zuni Lizard Fetish Russell Shack Hand Carved Pipestone Turquoise 5-3/4"
  6. Zuni Table Fetish Turquoise Sabre Tooth Tiger Cody Nastacio
  7. Zuni Hand Carved Wild Horse Agate Mountain Lion Table Fetish Sebastian Santos
  8. Sale
    Zuni Coyote Fetish Picasso Marble Scott Garnett
  9. Zuni Carved Fetish White Marble Turquoise Owls Mike Coble Over 7 Inches TALL
  10. Zuni Derrick Kaamasee Dolomite Buffalo Dancer Fetish
  11. Zuni Lance Cheama Hand Carved Fetish Wildhorse Agate Iguana 4-1/2”