David Tsikewa Vintage Zuni Carved Fetish Necklace 98 Birds & Bears SIGNED


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Copy of Copy of 08ES4019
  • Tribe: Zuni Pueblo
  • Condition: Excellent Vintage Condition; with only 1 broken bird.  This wonderful necklace has never been restrung.
  • Size: Approx 31" long with 98 hand carved birds and bears
  • Artist: David Tsikewa
  • Materials:  Shell and stone with fine heishi shell all strung on string with a wrap that is all original
  • Date: circa 1940's/50's
  • Hallmark: Metal tag signed "Dave" is attached.

VERY VERY RARE vintage Native American handmade fetish necklace by one of the most sought-after Zuni fetish carvers is David Tsikewa, arguably second only to Leekya Deyuse.. If you appreciate truly great Zuni work of the C. G. Wallace era, then this is the fetish necklace for you.  We purchased this from a collection in Santa Fe, NM.  The collection had many beautiful fetish necklaces including Leekya and this stunning signed David Tsekewa.