Fred Peshlakai Vintage Navajo Turquoise Sterling Silver Bracelet SIGNED


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Legendary Navajo Dine' artist FRED PESHLAKAI handmade this natural Blue turquoise and Sterling silver bracelet. Yes that is right, the most collectible Navajo silversmith made this outstanding bracelet from one of the most desirable turquoise in the world! Peshlakai hand cut, shaped, and polished three diamond and two oval shaped cabochons from matched turquoise. Three round hand pulled silver wires form the shank. A small tab of silver draws together and strengthens the shank at the terminals. One stone bears a small hairline fracture near the only line of matrix. This stone is secure and does not affect the beauty of the piece. NO OTHER DAMAGE. You may only have this ONE CHANCE to own a SIGNED Fred Peshlakai with turquoise. DO NOT MISS IT!