Navajo Concho Belt Sterling Silver Native American Debbie Silversmith

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  • Tribe: Navajo
  • Condition: New: no damage
  • Size: Buckle and Conchas: 3" x 1.5"; Belt: 40"
  • Artisan: Debbie Silversmith
  • Materials: Sterling Siilver on new black leather
  • Item Weight: 351 Grams / over 12-3/8 Ounces
  • Hallmark: Stamped with image of a hogan topped by "DEBBIE"

Fantastic Native American Indian handmade Sterling Silver Concho Belt created by famed Navajo (Diné) Silversmith, Debbie Silversmith. This EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY belt evokes the designs of Debbie's grandfather Kenneth Begay. She proudly uses many of Begay's tools and shows that the talent for silver work must run in the family. The buckle and NINE conchas are made COMPLETELY of Sterling Silver. The body of each piece, the tongue on the buckle, and all of the attachments are made of thick STERLING SILVER. The BEAUTY of SWIRLING WATER is CAPTURED in WHOLE. Debbie Silversmith (Debbie Alesandro) b. 1957. Debbie is the third generation of a Navajo jewelry dynasty. She is the granddaughter of the late Kenneth Begay. During the mid twentieth century he changed the look of Navajo jewelry, creating flowing modern designs that continue to be influential today. Begay started teaching Debbie jewelry-making skills while she was just a child. By the age of twelve, her beads were fine enough to sell. Debbie continued to be coached by her grandfather, who stressed perfection.