Vintage Native American Sterling Silver Overlay Desk Pen Holder

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  • Tribe: Pueblo
  • Condition: Excellent condition with a few minor scratches from normal wear. Two corners showing normal tiny gaps at the seams.
  • Size: Base measures approx 2-3/4" square and the stem is just shy of 2"
  • Artisan: Possibly Joe Quintana as discussed in the description.
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Item Weight: Heavy 3-5/8 ounces / 102 grams
  • Hallmark: There is a code in the bottom edge AZ9AV or something close

At first glance we thought this piece was made by an unknown Hopi artist. But after quite a few years of staring at it on my desk I can't help but think it was very possibly made by famed artist Joe Quintana. From the wave design on the base of the candlesticks on page 24 to the stamped triangles on the crown found on page 15 of Joe H. Quintana: Master in Metal by Irma Bailey, This piece is comparable both in STYLE and QUALITY! Of course we could be wrong and the technique used typically points to a Hopi artist but either way it is a beautiful thing to look at on your desk everyday and it holds most regular sized pens.