Vintage Navajo Bracelet Natural Turquoise Cluster Split Shank Silver IMPORTANT

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  • Tribe: Navajo
  • Condition: Excellent condition with appropriate wear. NO damage to the silver. Two of the stones show cracks due to their great age.
  • Size: 1" wide, inside circumference 5-3/4" from end to end plus a 1-3/8" opening
  • Artisan: Navajo Master Craftsman
  • Materials: Natural Turquoise and Coin Silver
  • Item Weight: 64 Grams / over 2-1/4 Ounces
  • Hallmark: Unmarked as is typical for pieces of this vintage.

This important vintage Native American handmade natural turquoise and silver cluster bracelet was created by a Navajo, Dine', artist for their personal use. THIRTY-THREE hand cut and polished turquoise stones evoke the image of flowers on this rare bracelet. The stones, which were at one time of a matching color, have turned many shades of blue and green as the owners natural oils have infused them. The thick and heavy chisel split shank is decorated with deep and precise hand stamping. AND, NOTICE THE "BEE" ON THE TERMINALS! STUPENDOUS! Make rare and beautiful bracelet a center piece of your collection of the finest Native American arts!