Vintage Navajo Bracelet Natural Fox Turquoise Sterling Silver Repousse Terminals

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  • Tribe: Navajo
  • Condition: Excellent condition with appropriate wear. NO damage to the stones or the silver.
  • Size: 1-1/4" wide 5-3/8" inside circumference plus 1-1/8" opening
  • Artisan: Navajo Master Craftsman
  • Materials: Fox Turquoise and Sterling Silver
  • Item Weight: 51 Grams / 1-3/4 Ounces
  • Hallmark: Unmarked as is typical for pieces of this vintage
  • Date: 1930's/40's

This vintage Native American handmade natural Blue Fox turquoise and Sterling silver bracelet was handmade by a Navajo, Dine', master craftsman. Although the three matched blue Fox turquoise stones in this bracelet are truly stunning, the silver work is what makes this bracelet special. Check out the repoussé on the terminals. I LOVE IT! Next comes the deep and precise hand stamping working its way up the heavy silver chisel split shank. This once again brings us to the stones framed with twisted silver wire. A CLASSIC! Make this exceptional bracelet an important part of your collection of fine Native American arts.